Name: TrueTrust Universal (International Institute of Trust)
Founder: Sylvain Baumann
Foundation: 2017
Headquarters: Switzerland, Germany, France
Contact and information:

Aims: Founded in 2017 in Basel-Switzerland, TrueTrust Universal devotes its resources to the conception, production, and distribution of its products and services in response to the global crisis of trust in our society today. Artists, managers of multinationals, business CEO’s, the self-employed, founders of start-ups, bankers, insurance companies, heads of state, and the unemployed, our project concerns you. This initiative responds to a rarely expressed, but inevitably noticed, ongoing destabilization of society that no longer knows how to utilize trust in a world of empty promises and futile expectation. An important part of TrueTrust’s activity is dedicated to the development of its public image, to the definition of its marketing promise and to the development of engagement in the social sphere. While developing this project, great precautions have been taken to refine the most advanced techniques of trust engineering. TTU only very rarely honours its promises. This company thus appears less as a tool of production than a reflexive object with which each user can experiment with their own capacity to trust. Through its multiple mediums, its legal framework, its products and services, TTU thus offers a poly-sensory and reflexive experience, leading to a reflexion on the hidden intentions of the company. In an acrid way, TTU finds inspiration in what seems to be the tendency of our contemporary society and assimilates that defect into its own identity, in order to offer to the public a playful, ironic, sarcastic, perplexed tone, a free and original impression of our world. You can thus explore with confidence the mechanisms of what the world demands you to ignore.

Development and strategy: TrueTrust Universal is present worldwide. Its entire production is available online via its web site (, as well as in public or private cultural institutions, in the street or on the occasion of special events. Having for its only objective the goal to reach its own purposes, the company is ready to intervene in any kind of environment. The headquarter of the company is situated in Basel, Switzerland. The firm is piloted by Sylvain Baumann, acting as Chief Executive Officer, on behalf of external influent parameters. According to the projects to be realized, the company collaborates with set of partners from all horizons.