So tell us…

Do you think it’s not possile to rely on our personal feeling of trust?

Have you ever experiment defiance toward you?

Do you want to be famous?

Do you want to succede?

Do you want to be trusted?

Are you afraid of uncertainty?

Do you see the future as a promise of a better world?

Have you ever thing you could save the word?

Do you also think your potential is not estimated to his real value?

Do you think you know something that others don’t?

Do you want to convince others that you’re right?

Do you belive to know what’s good for others?

Do you think others are less aware than you regarding problems that our contemporary societies are facing?

Do you want more trust?

Are you fed up with empty promises?

Do you really think you can make the difference?

Yes to more than half of the questions   No to more than half of the questions